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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an essential and ever-changing tool in the digital marketing toolkit, and one that is a must when it comes to promoting your business online.

Let’s get growing

With 77.9% of the UK population using social media platforms, and the largest growing demographic to adopt these platforms in the UK is the over 65’s, social media is an essential tool in the digital marketing toolkit. Whoever your prospective customers are, you can find them on social media.

Our Approach

Social Media Marketing Strategies Led By Data

Pivotal Digital Marketing is a data led social media marketing agency that aim to prove results for your business that can actually track! Our aim is to provide you with a consistent return on investment (ROI) by providing your business with a consistent stream of sales, leads, customers and new opportunities to take your business to the next level – consistent with your brand and objectives.

What We Do

We optimise social media marketing campaigns using three key pillars:


We ensure we are targeting exactly the right audience, by using our proven strategies to identify your ideal customers for your business by navigating them through the layers of our marketing funnel strategy which includes prospecting, retargeting and retention, to help your business grow, whilst at the same time minimising any wasted spend on promoting to the people who are not a good fit for your business.


Marketing is a combination of both art & science, that is because different images, videos, written copy and tone of voice will resonate differently with each target audience, and each part of your ad creative will need to be tested and refined until we reach the optimum ad combinations – for each stage of the customer journey – whether the desired outcome is a lead, a conversation or a sale.


As the adage goes “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”, that’s why at Pivotal Digital Marketing, we will not spend a single penny of your advertising budget without first ensuring is fully tracked using your chosen social media channels as well as Google analytics to ensure we are constantly optimising and improving. Data leads to good decisions, good decisions lead to better results.

When these three elements are joined up with a great website, landing page and business offering you will be primed for business success – whatever industry you are in

Our Testimonials

Let our clients do the talking.

“…By combining all of the services they’ve provided we have seen a 1000% increase in leads for our business vs. this time last year and has allowed us to talk to the right customers about the right things. We trust Dibble with our data and marketing materials and would highly recommend them to anyone! 5*”

Darren Parker
Founder & CEO

“…In 6 months, my bookings were increased by almost 50% overall, and I can finally get new bookings through Google, which previously I wasn’t getting any through advertising. My photography studio is now also known locally. I will definitely recommend PDM to anyone who needs a bit of help with marketing”.

Lore Sabau
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Work with us

Our process is designed to identify, address, and overcome your specific challenges:

  1. Assessment: We start by understanding your business, its challenges, and aspirations to understand if we are the right fit to help you achieve your goals.
  2. Business Discovery: We will dive deep into your current operations, learn your processes, and interview you and your team to understand the areas for improvement.
  3. Strategy Development: Based on this understanding, we craft a bespoke strategy, discuss this with you in detail and craft an implementation plan together.
  4. Implementation: We work closely with you to implement these strategies and systems, ensuring alignment with your goals.
  5. Continuous Support: Our journey with you doesn’t end with implementation. We provide ongoing support to adapt and refine strategies as your business evolves.

    At dibble, we’re committed to unlocking the potential of your business. Contact us to start your journey to growth and innovation.

    Find out if we are the right fit

    Let us know about your current operation and we can arrange a chat to learn more about your business. If we are the right fit to help we will arrange a follow up call. If we are not, we will be happy to suggest some alternatives to our services.