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Get more leads & sales from your website with our expertly crafted Google Ads campaigns. Request a cal back from us today & we can help you claim £400 in free Google Ads credit for your business. Set up and managed professionally.
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The Four Main Types of Google Ads

We use the four main types of Google Ads to represent your business:
Google Search Ads Icon

Google Search Ads

Google Video Ads Icon

Google Video Ads

Google Display Ads

Google Shopping Ads Icon

Google Shopping Ads

They all have their own unique benefits and uses which are broken down as below:

Google Search Ads Icon

Google Search Ads target people who are ready to buy. When someone searches for something in Google, particularly if it relates to a business, product or service. They are ready to buy. Their search shows “intent” and is the perfect place to present your service or offer with a Google Ad to your ideal customers, and most importantly customers that are ready to buy.

Google Display Ads Icon

Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads target customers that are earlier on in the buying journey, or to generate brand awareness. Google display ads (as opposed to search ads), are image based and are displayed on the Google Display Network – a network of over 2 million websites approved by Google – allowing us to interrupt someone’s internet browsing who may not already know they want your product or service yet.

Google Video Ads Icon

Google Video Ads

Google Video Ads allow you to harness the power of YouTube (which is the UK’s second largest search engine). Google Video Ads, similar to Google Search Ads, allow you to get in front of customers based on their search queries. For example, if a user searches “best baby buggies” – boom – you could show them a product demonstration of your latest buggy. With a well targeted video ad the possibilities are endless as the content you create and the targeting behind it allow for a great deal of creativity & refinement.

Google Shopping Ads Icon

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are product-based ads that are displayed specifically for product searches on Google. These are the holy grail of eCommerce marketing and allow you to show your products, pricing, shipping costs, brand and reviews directly to people searching for products on Google. Essentially, they product your potential customers with lots of information about your product before even visiting your store, meaning that when they get there, they are more likely to buy.

How We Get Results

What makes a successful Google Ads campaign?

A successful Google ads campaign targets the right keywords, tests broader keyword targeting, excludes keywords that are not converting, split-tests and tweaks your creative and targeting, adjusts your landing pages or product offering, and most importantly, is led by data. But fundamentally, you never know what works unless it is tested! A successful PPC campaign needs to take in the wider picture which sometimes isn’t just the ads themselves. That’s why you need a digital marketing agency that understands your customers, not just the numbers.
Why Choose us

Reasons to Choose Pivotal

We understand the nuances of Google advertising and are tuned in to the latest changes and developments. Furthermore, Google PPC is possibly the easiest way to blow a large chunk of your marketing budget – with no returns – in record time.

You need to trust your ad spend on Google with someone who knows what they are doing. A successful Google ads campaign not only relies on the ad campaigns themselves, it is often how they interact with you entire business: from your website, to your social media platforms, to your offer and your approach to doing business.

Do you want to discuss your marketing strategy as a whole? Then why not book a free Digital Marketing Consultation with us today, it’s free and there is no obligation to work with us – we just believe that every good business deserves a great digital marketing presence.

Effective Lead Flow

Google Ads Get Results

Google Ads are an essential part of our marketing toolkit and work to both get instant results by getting your brand in front of customers ready to buy (or bottom of funnel), by retargeting customer who have shown interest in your brand (middle of funnel), or by improving your brand awareness and visibility to customers who don’t know who you are yet (top of funnel).

Get £400 FREE Google Ad Credit (Set Up & Managed Professionally)

For a limited time, Google are offering £400 free ad credit when you spend your first £400 on Google Ads. This is a great offer but without the proper setup, tracking and opimisation your investment could be wasted. Capitalise on this offer today with a FREE Website Review and find out how we can get Google Ads working for your business today.
Our Testimonials

Let our clients do the talking.

“…By combining all of the services they’ve provided we have seen a 1000% increase in leads for our business vs. this time last year and has allowed us to talk to the right customers about the right things. We trust Dibble with our data and marketing materials and would highly recommend them to anyone! 5*”

Darren Parker
Founder & CEO

“…In 6 months, my bookings were increased by almost 50% overall, and I can finally get new bookings through Google, which previously I wasn’t getting any through advertising. My photography studio is now also known locally. I will definitely recommend PDM to anyone who needs a bit of help with marketing”.

Lore Sabau
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Work with us

Our process is designed to identify, address, and overcome your specific challenges:

  1. Assessment: We start by understanding your business, its challenges, and aspirations to understand if we are the right fit to help you achieve your goals.
  2. Business Discovery: We will dive deep into your current operations, learn your processes, and interview you and your team to understand the areas for improvement.
  3. Strategy Development: Based on this understanding, we craft a bespoke strategy, discuss this with you in detail and craft an implementation plan together.
  4. Implementation: We work closely with you to implement these strategies and systems, ensuring alignment with your goals.
  5. Continuous Support: Our journey with you doesn’t end with implementation. We provide ongoing support to adapt and refine strategies as your business evolves.

At dibble, we’re committed to unlocking the potential of your business. Contact us to start your journey to growth and innovation.

Check if we’re the right fit

Let us know about your current operation and we can arrange a chat to learn more about your business. If we are the right fit to help we will arrange a follow up call. If we are not, we will be happy to suggest some alternatives to our services.